Summer 2018: 

The news is the bees... I ordinarily dislike doing commercials. but from time to time there are ones which capture my imagination. (like the Piper Security spot. I got to play a pirate, complete with wooden leg and hook. That was fun and it came out great. Here's the link. ... and the bees... It's a spot for Google, a series of vignettes when you need your hands free. "Let Google Do It!" They wanted a beekeeper. WTF? I'm not a beekeeper, but anyway I got cast, and they put me (and everyone on set, BTW) in full beekeeper drag. Folks have been seeing it on TV, and finally I got a link to a video which is here. I'm the third vignette. That stupid bee-hat kept falling over my eyes, but they used one of those takes. It's pretty funny...

Still doing this wild show/game in Marin called The Headlands Gamble by a group called First Person Travel.. It's a weekend-long improv thing. I play the rancher whose racehorse seems to be missing. We got a spectacular write-up in the New York Times!

ALSO the second season of the asian crime web series Gold Mountain is in production. I play Anatoly, the head of the Russian mob in SF - a charming but nasty, heartless guy. Season 1 is up, I'm in episode 4. Season 2 should be up by the middle of August. I'm in 2 episodes, but don't know which ones yet.

Here's a cool short that I did last year called "ONE WAY". It won both best of festival AND the Audience Choice award at the Dogpatch film festival. It's strange dry humor, plus shot beautifully and all over our beautiful city. Check it out.

In personal news - I've been training like crazy: boxing, BJJ, AND wrestling. What can I say? It feels great that I can do it, and it gets me into the gym like every day. I've also been working a lot in my garden on Potrero Hill -- food, flowers and an amazing view. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll get to play a gardener who fights! Jeez, that would be so excellent:YO! YOU! DON'T STEP IN THE FLOWER BED!!

In other personal news I'm developing an immersive show located on Nob Hill in SF called Where Is Love? I hope to have it up and running before I leave for Greece in mid-August. (Oh yeah.. that's some personal news, too. I'm going to Athens, Ikaria and Mani at the end of summer. Can't wait!) Also, if you don't know what is "immersive theater", check out the No Proscenium website. It seems like I've been doing this kind of show long before there was this name and thing: starting with Tony & Tina's Wedding, then Shanghai/SF, Museum, Speakeasy and now Headlands Gamble. It's theater outside of an auditorium, with smaller groups, and requiring an acting style that's flexible enough to deal with intrusions from the real world... in fact, LOVES intrusions from the "real" world...

Folks are loving Only Blood, a beautiful short film by Alexander Jorgenson about a difficult father-daughter relationship. I think it's my best film performance so far.

Here's 3 short & funny olive oil spots the chicken one and the barbershop quartet one, and my favorite: "Take a Hike Day" A fun shoot with the wonderful Dark Porch crew.

film work: here's my reel.

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-- Geo