Fall 2016:  I'm back from L.A.! Jeez, that was fun, going to the beach mostly and visiting friends, but checking out the acting scene there, too. Shot a comic/fight short with Stunt Choreographer Darren Holmquist that is being edited right now. Saw an immersive show called "Bardo Thodol" by LA's Screenshot Productions that was pretty weird but inspiring. Before that I went to Greece for the whole month of June, staying in Athens at the apartment of my filmmaker friend Niko Volonakis. We're talking about shooting some more scenes for a project that I was in a few years ago that may become a feature. Shooting in Athens would be more fun than a person deserves in one lifetime, I think....

Let's see... before that I did a play written by the wonderful Martin Scwartz of Dark Porch Productions called The Diplomats! which was a blast. Such a great cast and crew! We had so much fun, and audiences loved it.

Over this same period,I've been doing this wild show/game in SF and Marin called The Headlands Gamble by a group called First Person Travel.. It's a weekend-long improv thing. I've played the rancher whose racehorse was been stolen and the driver/firm exec Charles Farnsworth. We just got a spectacular write-up in the New York Times! Meanwhile I'm working on a new immersive show with these awesome folks tentatively called "Where Is Love?"

Here's a cool short that I did recently called "ONE WAY". It's a sort of joke, but shot beautifully and all over our beautiful city. Check it out.

I've been craving stage work again since the "I Love Lucy Murder Mystery!"  closed, alas. Lots of improvised silliness , but the big suburban restaurant crowds loved it.

What else... oh, yeah, for a Piper Security system spot, I got to play a pirate, complete with wooden leg and hook. It came out great! Check it out - less than a minute... Wild fun...

Folks are loving Only Blood, a beautiful short film by Alexander Jorgenson about a difficult father-daughter relationship. I think it's my best film performance so far.

Here's 3 short & funny olive oil spots the chicken one and the barbershop quartet one, and my favorite: "Take a Hike Day" A fun shoot with the wonderful Dark Porch crew.

film work: here's my reel.

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-- Geo